Brought to you by, Lenzy Pipkins.

A native of Dallas Texas, and a sharp minded young man; Lenzy Pipkins is the face of Pip’s Pups and the newest Breeder in the dog game. Pip is a professional football player, college graduate of ULM and Oklahoma State University, former President of Omega Psi Phi Fraternternity Inc (Mu Lambda Chapter) who posses the skills of what it takes that goes into the recipe of hardwork, determination, and success. After fellow friend and fraternity brother now turned business partner, Spencer Goodwin, invited Pip to a dog photo shoot where many bullies and French bulldogs were present; Pip had no looking back. After completing his second NFL season he decided to purchase a French bulldog from Spencer. Pip named his dog Gucci and began to instantly have a love and passion for them. Soon after getting Gucci, Pip moved to LA to train for the offseason and that’s when the dream occurred. One night while sleep Pip had a vision about starting a dog kennel business but was foreign to the breeding game. He knew Spencer was thouroughly knowledgable about these specific dog breeds, so that next morning he got on the phone and called Spencer to let him know that he was all aboard for Pip’s Pups.